iEfisSim is a flight simulator available on the App Store. You can train your IFR Flights either directly on the iPhone, iPad or iPod or you can display the cockpit on an external browser.

It has been successfully used by several pilots to practice procedures as a complement to real flights in aircrafts and in certified simulators both as students but also as pilots to keep well trained.

Short Videos explanation videos on how to use iFlightSim:

Release Notes:

Rel 1.2

  • Fixed screen on iPhone (was crashing on start)
  • added a Freeze button in the area of the Attitude Indicator (added to avoid clicking first to SIM and then to PAUSE)
  • SIM status is now correct even when returning from MAP
  • App starts now in paused (frozen) mode to allow the user to adjust the neutral attitude of the device: when un-freezing the Aircraft will have a neutral attitude (only in simulation mode).

Rel 1.1

  • Fixed issue which caused the app to sporadically crash when starting

Rel 1.0: First Release