iFlightSim FAQ

  1. Why yet another Flight Simulator if the ones available are more flight-realistic ?
    iFlightSim is not intended as a competitor to the most famous simulators. It is not as complete and fancy either. Its main purpose is be used as a tool to practice IFR Flights and its different procedures. It aims to be a tool to the real IFR pilot, to the IFR student or simply for people wanting to become one in the future. Under this perspective it is a good completition tool to the real flight or the certified FNPT simulators.
  2. I would like to have some additional features to the app. Is this possible ?
    Of course this is possible. We encourage the users to give constructive feedback (with particular emphasis of course on constructive). Just send an email with the proposed change and we will look if- and how it fits with our release plan.
  3. Why isn’t this app cheaper ?
    Unfortunately food is not free either. Jokes on the side the intended user community of IFR pilots sharing the implentation costs is relatively limited and seen under a pilot’s perspective its price corresponds aproximately to sitting in a common SEP flight for about 2 minutes.
  4. Why is the app graying out when you do not touch the controls ?
    Apple has very strict policy in allowing the app running in the background. The app was initially rejected twice because of that. In future we will try to re-submit the app with background enabled and possibly with the location services (GPS) activated. Meanwhile you can increase the time the device stays active in the general settings.
  5. How do I control the attitude of the aircraft ?
    Per default when you start the app the neutral attitude of the aircraft is kept by holding the ipad/iphone horizontally. This is not always practical. You can change the “neutral” attitude by keeping a horizontal flight, then click on the Attitude Indicator (or the pause/continue button). Doing so will stop/freeze the flight. You then move the device in a position you would have as your new “neutral attitude” position and unfreeze the flight again (by clicking at the AI Indicator or the pause/continue button again).Additionally in the Settings->iFlightSim you can change the sensitivity of the commands: higher values make it more sensible lower values the opposite.